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Since the day footwear was born men & women had their shoes made by the local shoemaker. A person, who knew the foot of every family in town intimately.  Advent of Industrialisation, in late 1800’s changed this. Over last 150 years, mass produced shoes, made using statistics have made shoes affordable for everyone. However, the cost has been individualism, personal touch & comfort.


Before we go ahead let’s discover three types of shoes (stands true for clothing as well)

Factory Made: General Mass-produced articles.

Made to Measure: The size & shape is as per manufacturer. You can have the design & other elements changed.  This is where most so called Custom & Bespoke shoemakers operate.

Made to Fit: The shape is decided by you. Based on measurements received from you, the “Last” is modified for you. A trial pair is made & sent to you. Once you wear that, based on your feedback, further changes are made. If changes are minor the final pair is made or else another trial is done.  The “Last” made during this process now becomes a last that is truly yours. It is stored by us for any further orders you may wish to place.

Bespoke: This starts from you foot measurements and from their onwards, a new last is created just for you. Thereafter, Made to Fit & Bespoke, process become same. In terms of end product, Made to Fit & Bespoke are technically same. These are most expensive. They normally start at ₹1,40,000.00(US$ 2000)

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