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About Harperwoods


Harperwoods is amalgamation of knowledge, where individuality of ideas uses our shoemaking knowledge to create a wonderful community of shoe lovers. Harper stands for knowledge, Harperwoods is thus a forest of ideas based on knowledge. Our founder loves to read, and he identifies Harper with HarperCollins, one of the leading book publishers. Harperwoods pays tribute to authenticity in style. The brand celebrates the spirit of hand-made craftsmanship.

For centuries, shoes were made to order as per requirement and as it pleased the wearer. With industrial revolution, everyone gained access to shoes, however we lost the individualism. With technology, now we bring to you best of both worlds. You can choose to buy from our collection or choose to add your own flair to them and select shoes from the range of our inspiration.

Just choose add customisation, in the checkout window. Our stylists shall call you and work with you to create a perfect shoe for you.

Unleash your creativity - design your perfect kick!


Our Values Harperwoods honours individuality as expressed by its motto “Define your own kick”. Each harperwoods shoe is intended to enhance one’s personal style. Wearing Harperwoods allows to reveal the inner strength and confidence. At harperwoods we work tirelessly to bring to our patron the best in materials, techniques and processes from around the world.

Philosophy With belief that “Excellence is Achievable” we focus on ensuring our clients get the best.

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